List of “Compaq”

SC-3800CCompaqPDA Car Charger for IpaqPDA Car Charger for iPaq 3800 3900 5455 and 1910 Series$ $4.95right arrow icon
SC-3800CompaqUSB Sync Cable for Compaq iPaqUSB Sync Cable for Compaq iPaq 3800 3900 1900 and 5400 Series$ $4.95right arrow icon
SC-3600CompaqUSB Sync Cable for Cpq Ipaq 36USB Sync Cable for Cpq Ipaq 36-3700 series$ $4.95right arrow icon
CompaqCompaq Armada 7400 AC AdapterCompaq Armada 7400 AC Adapter$ $0.00right arrow icon
H3800ACCompaqAC adapter for Compaq PDA'sAC adapter for iPAQ 3800 3900 series (Not for 3100 3600 and 3700) This is a wall charger$ $11.95right arrow icon
388929-001CompaqAC adapter for Compaq PresarioAC Adapter Cpq Presario 1900 Series PN: 388929-001 or 358976-001 24 volts With Cord$ $60.95right arrow icon
350775-001CompaqAC Adapter For CompaqAc Adapter for Compaq laptops, models include the Presario R3000 series, R3000xx, R3030US, R3000, R3050US, R3000T, R3004US, PC892UR, PC892U, R3120CA, R3120US, PD283UR, PD283U, R3140CA, R3140US, R3160US, DZ354U, DZ595AS, R3190EA, DZ359UR, R3190US, DZ359U,$ $94.95right arrow icon
317188-001CompaqAc adapter CPQ Presario 3050Ac adapter CPQ Presario 3050US, Series 120W 18.5VDC at 6.5 Amps former alias- 361072-001$ $94.95right arrow icon
310925-001CompaqAC adapter for Compaq PresarioAC adapter for CPQ Presario 3000 series and others 18.5V at 4.9A$ $71.95right arrow icon
298239-001CompaqAC adapter for Compaq laptopsAC Adapter Cpq Presario 700, 720, 710, 800, 1200, 1400, 1600, 1700, 1800 and 2700 Series PN: 298239-001 298237-001 298238-001 19 volts 3.16 amps Alternate Part mber 180676-001 With Cord$ $50.95right arrow icon
283884-001CompaqAC adapter for Compaq laptopsAC adapter Compaq Evo N1000 and Presario 900 series and others 18.5V DC at 4.9A$ $71.95right arrow icon
101898-001CompaqAC adapter for Compaq laptopsAC adapter Compaq Armada M300 M700 'E' and 'V' Series and Prosignia 160 170 Series. 18.5 volts 3.5 amps Also for EVO N110, N150, N200, N400C, N410C, N600C, N610C, N800, N800C, N800V, N800W. PN: 101898-001 or 120765-001 or 383494-001 Prosignia PN's :$ $54.95right arrow icon
134096-B21CompaqLaptop battery for CompaqLi-Ion Battery Compaq Presario 300 and 305 and Compaq Armada M300 PN: 134096-B21 or 136244-001 or 146330-001 14.4 Volts 2000mAh$ $148.95right arrow icon
135214-001CompaqMP-CHP001 - Li-Ion BatteryMP-CHP001 - Li-Ion Battery$ $0.00right arrow icon
136256-001CompaqFdd for Cpq Armada M300 SeriesReplacement 1.44MB internal floppy drive. Mafacturer's part mber may vary. Ships in 1-2 business days, 30-day money back guarantee. Reconditioned with 90-day warranty.$ $104.95right arrow icon
140664-001CompaqBattery for Compaq PresarioLi-Ion Battery Cpq Pres 1900, 1925 PN 140664-001 141161-B21 or 386844-011 or 386500-001 or 388927-001 14.8 Volts 3300mAh$ $148.95right arrow icon
159524-001CompaqBattery for Compaq laptopsLi-Ion Battery Cpq Armada V300 and Armada E500 Series PN: 159524-001 or 192017-001 or 146252-B25 11.1 Volts 6000mAh CL1355B.081$ $144.95right arrow icon
CompaqExtended Life Li Ion Battery Compaq IpaqExtended Life Li Ion Battery Compaq Ipaq 31-36-3700 Series (internal) Alt PN 305590 3.7 V at 1600mAh Comes with scrwdriver and torx key. Will fit all these models: 3135 3150 3635 3650 3660 3670 3760 3765 DLP 305590$ $30.95right arrow icon
175103-B25CompaqBattery for Compaq ArmadaLi Ion batt Compaq Armada 100 series BTI PN CQ100L 14.8 Volts 3200mAh Please note: cannot replace Armada 100 Ni-MH batteries.$ $177.95right arrow icon
191169-001CompaqBattery for Compaq PresarioLi-Ion Battery Cpq Prs 1700 EVO N160 PN: 191169-001 182281-001 191259-B21 192835-001 14.4 Volts 4400mAh EVO PN's : 240258-001 and 239551-001 Also replaces PN:198709-001 CL1700U.081$ $110.95right arrow icon
196346-001CompaqBattery for Compaq PresarioLi-Ion Battery Cpq Pres 1400 Series, PN: 196346-001 197595-001 196345-B21 14.8 Volts 3200mAh$ $149.95right arrow icon
204263-001CompaqBattery for Compaq ArmadaLi-Ion Battery Cpq Armada 7400 series PN: 204263-001 and 267865-001 14.4 Volts 3600mAh$ $125.95right arrow icon
220324-001CompaqBattery for Compaq ArmadaLi-Ion Battery Cpq Armada 7800 and E700 series PN: 220324-101 or 314939-001 354233-001 104723-B25 220463B25 (black) 14.4 Volts 3600mAh CL1775D.081$ $113.95right arrow icon
220799-001CompaqBattery for Compaq ArmadaLi-Ion Battery Cpq Armada 7700 & 7800 series PN: 220799-001 220324-001 and 220463-001 (white) 14.4 Volts 2700mAh$ $107.95right arrow icon
231445-001CompaqBattery for Compaq EVOLi Ion Batt for Cpq Evo N400 series 14.8V 4400mAh 213282-001, 231445-001, 235596-001$ $116.95right arrow icon
232633-001CompaqBattery for Compaq EVOLiIon batt for Cpq Evo N600 and 610 14.8V 4000mAh DD487A$ $140.95right arrow icon
235880-B21Compaq8X CD-Rom for Compaq laptopsCDRW 8X for Cpq N180 series$ $130.95right arrow icon
235883-B21CompaqBattery for Compaq PresarioLI ION Batt for Cpq Presario 2700 & Evo N180 series 14.4V at 4000 Mah$ $117.95right arrow icon
247050-001CompaqBattery for Compaq laptopsLI ION batt Cpq Presario 700 and EVO N105, N115 series 14.8 V at 4400 mAh CL1106D.081$ $107.95right arrow icon
253514-B21CompaqPDA Battery for CompaqLi-Poly Battery for Ipaq 3600, 3700, 3800, 3900, 5400. High capacity battery. 3.7V at 1300 MAH (requires the expansion pack) changed from 1800mah on 1/31/05$ $37.95right arrow icon
261843-001CompaqBattery for Compaq PresarioLi-Ion Battery Cpq Pres 1000, 1010, 1020, 1030,1040,1060 ,1065 PN 261843-001 or 261885-001 or 261842-001 or 261808-001 14.4 Volts 3300mAh$ $205.95right arrow icon
263897-001CompaqBattery for Compaq iPAQLiIon battery for Ipaq 38-39XX series. 3.7V at 1400MAH Comes with Torx wrench and flathead screwdriver. Alt PN 3S602-001 Will fit all these models 3800 3835 3850 3870 3950 3970 3975$ $44.95right arrow icon
269088-B25CompaqCD-RW drive for Compaq ArmadaCDRW for Compaq Armada V, E, M series some Evo Series 16X8X24X alt pn B69088-B25 and 274419-001$ $390.95right arrow icon
273044-001CompaqBattery for Compaq ArmadaLi-Ion Battery Cpq Armada 7300 series PN: 273044-001 247613-001 14.4 Volts 2700 mAh B-5502$ $111.95right arrow icon
273672-001CompaqBattery for Compaq laptopsNi-MH Battery Cpq Armada 1100, Contura 400 and Aero series PN 273672-001 or 190626-001 10.8 Volts 4000 mAh$ $60.95right arrow icon
281233-001CompaqBattery for Compaq PresarioLI Ion batt , Cpq Pres 900 2800 series and EVO N800, N1000 14.4V 4400 mAh CL1700U.081$ $137.95right arrow icon
290483-B21CompaqInternal battery for IPAQLiIon battery HP iPaq H5100, H5400, H5450, H5455, H5500, H5550, H5555 series 3.7V 1400 MAH Alt PN 290484-B21 291384-001$ $57.95right arrow icon
293817-001CompaqBattery for Compaq PresarioLi-Ion Battery Cpq Pres 1200, 1600 and 1800 Series, PN 293817-001 or 292560-001 or 388644-B21 or 293768-001 or 330936-001 or 330985-B21 or 338647-001 or 347736-001 or 116314-001 or 138184-001 or 176780-B21 14.4 Volts 4000mAh CL1600D.081$ $90.95right arrow icon
293818-001CompaqBattery for Compaq PresarioNi-MH Battery Cpq Pres 1200, 1600 series, PN 293818-001 388645-B21 or 332283-001 or 330935-001 9.6 Volts 4000mAh CB1600D.40H$ $84.95right arrow icon
296039-001Compaq8X CD-Rom for Compaq ArmadaCompaq CD Rom drive, Compaq Armada 7700 series CPQ 8X CD ROM drive, P/N: 296036-001, 296036-002$ $104.95right arrow icon
303175-B25CompaqBattery For Compaq Tablet PCLithium-Ion Battery for Compaq Tablet PC TC1100 & TC1000 14.8v 3600mAh CL2119S.380$ $156.95right arrow icon
305936-301CompaqCPQ Floppy Armada M700 Series,CPQ Floppy Armada M700 Series, Modular, PN 305936-301 and 135233-001$ $117.95right arrow icon
310316-B21CompaqBattery For Compaq LaptopsLi-Ion Battery Cpq Armada 3500 series PN: 310316-B21 10.8 Volts 4500 mAh$ $111.95right arrow icon
310642-001CompaqLi Ion batt Compaq Presario 30Li Ion batt Compaq Presario 3000 series 14.8V at 5800 MAH battery$ $156.95right arrow icon
316266-001CompaqCPQ Floppy Armada 1700 and Prosignia, Modular, PN 316266-001Replacement 1.44MB internal floppy drive. Mafacturer's part mber may vary. Ships in 1-2 business days, 30-day money back guarantee. Reconditioned with 90-day warranty.$ $77.95right arrow icon
336962-001CompaqPresario X1000 Laptop BatteryCompaq Presario X1000 Notebook Battery. 14.8 Volts, 4400 mAh$ $94.95right arrow icon
346970-001CompaqBattery for HP and CompaqLi-Ion Battery for HP and Compaq Laptops, models include the Compaq Presario R3000, R3000z, R3004AP, R3004US, DZ358UR, DZ358U, R3004US, R3056RS, R3060US, R3070US, R3120US, R3140US, R3190US, HP Pavilion NX9100, pp2200 series and others. 14.8V 4400mAh 371$ $113.95right arrow icon
346971-001CompaqHP, Compaq Notebook BatteryLi-Ion Battery for HP and Compaq Laptops, Fits Compaq Presario R3000, R3000T, R3000T, R3000z, R3004AP, R3004US, DZ358UR, DZ358U, R3004US, R3056RS, R3060US, R3070US, R3120US, R3140US, R3190US, R3200, R3203US, R3204US, R3210US, R3240US, R3260US, R3300, R3$ $167.95right arrow icon
354232-001CompaqBattery for Compaq ArmadaLI ION batt for Armada E700 High capacity main 14.4 V at 4.8AH$ $0.00right arrow icon
358977-001CompaqBattery for Compaq ArmadaLi-Ion Battery Cpq Armada 6500 series PN: 358977-001 or 358910-B21 14.4 Volts 4050mAh$ $144.95right arrow icon